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Granola Goods


A great find.

I have never had granola as fresh tasting as this. After trying it in Santa Fe I had to have some delivered, and thank goodness it came quickly.
Posted by Melanie on 2nd Sep 2014

So much better than the rest

I always thought that granola was granola and was completely happy with getting the Costco mix until a friend told me about the Santa Fe Granola Co. All I can say is WOW, this stuff is amazing. It is so soft & tasty. I'd highly reccomend it to anybody looking for a healthy snack. I personally have a bowl every morning before work Shipping was prompt & there were no extra charges to ship it to us here on Oahu.
Posted by Joe P. on 9th Mar 2014

Best Granola Ever!

This granola is very crunchy with every bite being different because it has so many ingredients.
Posted by Phyllis on 19th Sep 2013

Best Granola Ever!

Perfect topping on yogurt and berries! My husband even munches on it as a snack. Bags stay fresh in the fridge and freezer.
Posted by Terry on 1st Mar 2013

Great Quality

My whole body just sings after a bowl of SF Granola! Quick delivery and quality ingredients! Love it!
Posted by Unknown on 6th Feb 2013

Santa Fe Granola Does it Right!

I went to a retreat in Santa Fe where we were served the granola each morning along with a choice of other breakfast items. After several days, I had ordered two big refill bags of granola to be sent the my home in California. Now my husband and I eat it most mornings topped with milk or my favorite - assorted berries and Greek Yogurt. I just ordered two more refill bags and they arrived within several days. My granola stays fresh as they are sent in large, resealable bags - I just keep my small canister filled on my kitchen counter. The nuts & fruit are fresh and are in a healthy proportion!! Love it - keep doing it right!!!
Posted by Jeanette on 27th Nov 2012

I love it.

I love it!
Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2012

Excellent product

I first tried your granola in Santa Fe at a retreat center and really liked it! Now I am enjoying it at home! The only suggestion I have is that you would make it a little less sweet. The ingredients provide so much natural sweetness, adding sugar is probably not necessary in my view. Just a suggestion. Thanks for asking my opinion. You make an excellent product!
Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2013

Good, Better, Best

It's the Bestess
Posted by Glen Smith on 13th Sep 2012

Heaven in a bag

My love affair with Santa Fe Granola began a few weeks ago, when I scoffed down a few samples at the Santa Fe Folk Festival. I'm not a granola person. I'm a nut and whole grain person. I couldn't get this granola out of my mind because it's chunky with pecans and walnuts and other wonderful crunchy things. I went back to the sample table, but the granola people had already left for the day. I searched for the product in shop after shop at the Plaza. Finally, got back to Mass. thinking "Oh, it was just a vacation thing," but still couldn't get the lusciousness out of my mind. I ordered on a Sunday. It arrived on a Wednesday, and I've been eating it every day since: topping on plain Greek yogurt, on oatmeal, fresh out of the bag. I'd love to experiment with using the granola in cookies. If anyone has, could you please post the recipe?
Posted by Maureen on 26th Aug 2012


MY wife and I bought a bag of this amazing granola in Red River NM on Memorial Day weekend from a vendor. We ate the granola came home to Albuquerque and went on line and bought the granola six pac. Buy some its amazing !!!
Posted by Jimmy on 20th Jun 2012


Great Granola. I am Loving every bite. Thank you guys for the hospitality, great food and great granola during my stay at Immaculate Heart.
Posted by Brad Marchese on 15th Oct 2013

The best granola ever!

The Santa Fe granola continues to be my all-time favorite, gracing my breakfast table every morning. I highly recommend serving it with high quality plain yogurt and berries.
Posted by Carrire on 9th Feb 2015

This is the best granola, bar none

Once I tasted Santa Fe Granola Company granola, I was hooked. I was on a retreat over the summer and the conversation at the breakfast table was frequently about how good the granola was. And it still is that good!
Posted by Carrie on 27th Sep 2014

The best of all the granolas

I am a fan of granola. On visiting Santa Fe I had the opportunity to have some of this granola at breakfast. I immediately fell in love with it and have ordered the 3 four pound packs on line ever since. Thank you for such an excellent product.
Posted by Carol S on 15th Jun 2013

Granola re-fill

Your granola is the best ever! Thanks. I will be ordering more.
Posted by Unknown on 28th Oct 2012